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Making Your Own Dollhouse Dolls & Doll Clothing

There is a plethora of information out there if you are handy and want to create your own dollhouse or adapt a dollhouse kit to make it unique. If you are interested in having a one of a kind dollhouse family for your dollhouse it can be hard to find helpful resources. What if you want a family of dollhouse sized bunnies or bears or correct period dolls at the right scale to fit your dollhouse? You might want to think about making your own dolls or in creating clothing for your dollhouse dolls that individualizes your dollhouse family.

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Heroes and Dollhouses

There are some magical people out there who spend their free time constructing dollhouses for children who are sick or disadvantaged. This includes our friend Anne at Dollhouses for Kids Battling Cancer and a growing number of individuals around the world who have learned what a dollhouse can mean to a child when struggling with a disease or poverty in their lives.

Consider Earl Hurshman who as a retiree and a widower found he had too much time on his hands. According to Earl after fifty years of marriage to his wife
Bernadette he is...

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Kim Saulter: A Miniaturist in Profile

Kim Saulter of Healdsburg, California is known as a fine miniature sculptor who creates all kinds of things miniature using polymer clay. Ms. Saulter is also a confirmed miniature lover who has been collecting and creating her own miniature dollhouses, shadow boxes and other small buildings for more than
twenty years. The mother of five, she still found time to begin experimenting with polymer clay as a sculpting medium for miniatures about five years ago and has been busy ever since. Her favorite miniature buildings are shops that she fills with her handcrafted small...

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Smallsea: an Edwardian Town in Miniature

In Carmel, California there resides a miniature town called Smallsea that represents what an Edwardian English seaport would have looked like in the 1900’s. The brainchild of Diane and Howard Birnberg the dollhouse town includes the basics of any town such as a church, shopping areas, a river, an old Mill, a brewery, town hall, bakery, and a farm. The tiny metropolis also includes
more than 1,500 dollhouse dolls, miniature horses, carriages, and examples of early cars and buses. A variety of miniaturists, artists and dollhouse vendors have contributed to this work of love....

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Printable Miniatures

If you or your children are into dollhouses and miniatures there is probably a wooden dollhouse or shadow box in your home. Less permanent dollhouses and miniatures can also be fun and can provide a creative experience for you and your family. The Internet now provides us with a variety of sites where you can find printable miniatures, dollhouses and dollhouse items. The printable miniatures can be used to create miniature villages, be used in model train layouts, added to an existing dollhouse or shadow box or make a fun collectible
 all by themselves. These...

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