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Miniatures as Models and Museum Masterpieces

Dollhouses and miniatures mean a lot of different things to people. They can be toys,
collector’s items, a hobby and fun to look at. Miniatures are also used by architects as planning models for buildings and office developments. They can also be crafted as historical documentation of the world’s greatest architectural buildings and housed in museums for everyone to see.

The Model Room is an example of a company that creates models and museum masterpieces of architectural designs and historical buildings. The master miniaturist and artist Robert Dawson is the genius behind the Model Room which has as its motto to create the finest miniatures ever produced in the world. His designs and meticulously created rooms, models and buildings are an inspiration to miniaturists everywhere.

All of the buildings and models created by the Model Room are in the 1:12 scale that is popular for miniatures on an international scale. The company was formed in 1988 and provides architects, builders and museums with amazingly detailed models. Each project can take up to a year to build and finish. Robert Dawson started out as a theater designer and you can see that influence in the models and buildings he creates.

Recreations of the Doge’s Palace, the Vatican, and St. Peter’s Basilica are often displayed in such locations as the Naples Art Museum and other world renowned museums. The work and models created by Mr. Dawson show us what can be done in the world of miniatures with artistic and creative design.

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