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Who is the New American Girl Kavi Sharma? (Popular American Girl of 2023)

American Girl Indian Doll Kavi Sharma Vintage

Do you love dolls, dressing up, and exploring different cultures? Then you won't want to miss out on learning about American girl Kavi Sharma! She is an inspiring American Girl of the Year who travels around the world to introduce kids to all sorts of people, places, and traditions while embracing diversity. READ MORE ...

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Miniature Punk House

Artist Derek Erdman shows that not all dollhouses are colonials or victorians. Channeling memories of a house he visited as a teenager, Erdman recreated the abandoned house complete with song lyric graffiti, tattered carpeting and missing roofing shingles. 

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Books for Creating Miniature Masterpieces for Your Dollhouse

For all those crafty do it yourselfers who love dollhouses and miniatures there are some great how to books to create some awe inspiring miniatures. The following books provide lots of information and step by step instructions to create miniature items for your dollhouses or shadowbox. Most of the projects can be completed quickly and made from items that you probably already have in your house.

Christine Verstraete’s Miniature Style II: Over 40 How to Projects offers projects that will interest both novices and more experienced miniaturists. The book book has step by step instructions for 40 different miniature projects...

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Miniatures as Models and Museum Masterpieces

Dollhouses and miniatures mean a lot of different things to people. They can be toys,
collector’s items, a hobby and fun to look at. Miniatures are also used by architects as planning models for buildings and office developments. They can also be crafted as historical documentation of the world’s greatest architectural buildings and housed in museums for everyone to see.

The Model Room is an example of a company that creates models and museum masterpieces of architectural designs and historical buildings. The master miniaturist and artist Robert Dawson is the genius behind the Model...

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Choosing a Barbie Doll Size Dollhouse

The most popular size scale for a dollhouse is the 1:12 scale dollhouses. However, if your daughter loves her Barbie Dolls or other fashion dolls, you will want to purchase a larger scale dollhouse that will accommodate the 12” fashion dolls. Barbie size dollhouses are usually in a 1:6 scale dollhouses which allows children to play with most fashion dolls in these larger dollhouses. Barbie Dollhouses are also known as Playscale or Kid’s Play dollhouses as they are usually sturdy and are created to stand up to play by younger children. Many of these larger dollhouses come with...

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