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Choosing a Barbie Doll Size Dollhouse

The most popular size scale for a dollhouse is the 1:12 scale dollhouses. However, if your daughter loves her Barbie Dolls or other fashion dolls, you will want to purchase a larger scale dollhouse that will accommodate the 12” fashion dolls. Barbie size dollhouses are usually in a 1:6 scale dollhouses which allows children to play with most fashion dolls in these larger dollhouses. Barbie Dollhouses are also known as Playscale or Kid’s Play dollhouses as they are usually sturdy and are created to stand up to play by younger children. Many of these larger dollhouses come with appropriately sized furniture. It can be difficult to find the larger size furniture for these dollhouses but more manufacturers are beginning to add pieces that will work.

Barbie and other fashion dolls have been around since the first Barbie was released by Mattel in 1959. From the first time she hit the shelves Barbie was a success and girls loved the fashionable teenage model doll. The first commercial dollhouse to accommodate a 12” fashion doll was created by Mattel in 1962. Early furnishings were sleek and modern in style reflecting the classic modern styles prevalent in the 1950’s. There were space age looking couches and other furnishings including miniature 33 rpm albums with authentic cover art from popular rock bands.

Now parents can choose from a variety of dollhouses that will work with Barbie dolls and other fashion dolls. The styles and furnishings of Barbie size dollhouses are varied and girls can fall in love with Victorian manors, country houses, modern townhouses, Southern mansions, modern designer homes, and even miniaturized shopping centers to play with. These new abodes represent the many different dolls now available in the Barbie size.

When purchasing a Barbie Doll size dollhouse or playhouse recognize that most of these dollhouses are quite large. Space considerations should come into play when choosing a larger dollhouse for fashion dolls. Some dollhouses fold up so that they can be carried from room to room. Sturdiness and open access should also be considered when purchasing a Barbie size dollhouse. These dollhouses allow more than one child to play with the dollhouse at a time providing play through access. Be sure to check the specifications in both the description and details section to ensure that the dollhouse will work for you and your child in terms of space, suitability, size, durability and age level.

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