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Books for Creating Miniature Masterpieces for Your Dollhouse

For all those crafty do it yourselfers who love dollhouses and miniatures there are some great how to books to create some awe inspiring miniatures. The following books provide lots of information and step by step instructions to create miniature items for your dollhouses or shadowbox. Most of the projects can be completed quickly and made from items that you probably already have in your house.

Christine Verstraete’s Miniature Style II: Over 40 How to Projects offers projects that will interest both novices and more experienced miniaturists. The book book has step by step instructions for 40 different miniature projects accompanied by wonderful photos. There are also profiles of miniaturists across the country with examples of their work.

Another how to book which is a must have for dollhouse enthusiasts who like to create some of their own unique miniature items is Finishing Touches: Dolls House: Do it yourself by Jane Harrop. From accessories to furniture to working with different types of products, this book has it all. Color photographs, step by step instructions, diagrams and templates give you just the information you need to create miniature marvels. There are instructions on more than thirty different projects in addition to practical information on tools, materials and techniques.

For those who are looking for something a little more challenging there is the Miniature Food Masterclass: Materials and Techniques for Model Makers by Angie Scarr. This is the book that shows you how to craft miniature food that looks like the real thing. There are lots of photos and step by step techniques for creating foods from clay, polymers and gels. Ms. Scarr provides all the details on how to make fruits, vegetables, cakes, fish, and just about everything else in miniature size.

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