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Brighten the life of a seriously ill child with a gift they'll never forget. Our friend Ann is doing something amazing. She's building and donating dollhouses to children who have been diagnosed with cancer. Here is the story in her own words:

My daughter was doing an Internship in Neuro-psychology at a New Jersey Hospital. When she came home and told me about the children receiving chemo it broke my heart. I built a doll house for the kids to play with while receiving chemo. I thought even if it took their minds off what was happening to them for a few minutes it would be worth it. The dollhouse was so appreciated that I built a barn next for little boys, that too was put in the playroom at the hospital.

Then I started making one dollhouse a week and they were given by the doctors to individual children with cancer to take home
with them. One little girl with brain cancer said to my daughter, "I can have this forever, for nothing?" Yesterday I was asked if I would make one for a bereavement center in Westchester, New York by a young woman who is a counselor there. These children have lost a parent or a sibling to cancer. I have been told the doctors even use them for "role playing" with the kids. I do not hand out these houses, they are taken by my daughter and given to the doctors for them to give to the children.

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