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Sudley House: Small World Room

Sudley House located in Aigburth, Liverpool, England is an art gallery and museum
under the auspices of the National Museums Liverpool. The house was the home of Nicholas Robinson, the Mayor of Liverpool in the early 19th century. Eventually the house was sold to George Holt, a ship owner in Victorian England. George’s daughter donated the home to the city of Liverpool in 1944. In addition to lovely and accurate period rooms with original art work by Thomas Gainsborough, Joshua Reynolds, Edwin Landseer, J. M. W. Turner and Rossetti, the home houses a collection...

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When a Hobby Becomes an $82,000 Obsession

Peter Riches has been a fan of models and miniatures since the young age of five. Now divorced and retired from his construction business in Hove, Sussex, he is able to dedicate every day to his hobby turned miniaturist obsession of
creating dollhouses. His first dollhouse which took him eight hours a day for fifteen years has now sold for approximately $82,000 to a Canadian dollhouse enthusiast. The only reason Peter gives for selling his miniature labor of love is that he needs more room to start his next dollhouse project. He also is...

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Create Personalized Soft Furnishings for Dollhouses

Toy companies and dollhouse manufacturers such as Melissa & Doug, Aztec, and others increasingly produce quality miniature furnishings for dollhouses. To really make a dollhouse special it can be rewarding and fun to create miniature items that personalize the house. Soft furnishings such as bedding, rugs, upholstered furniture, curtains or drapes, pillows, wall art, seat cushions, tablecloths, and towels are just a few of the items that can be created to customize dollhouses and add touches of realism. You can choose from simple projects that can be done with children to miniature works of art based on your...

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People Sized Dollhouse Furniture

This is an instance where a love of dollhouses may have gone right over the edge. Slovakian artist Silva Lovasova, while working on her degree in Design at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava, came up with a novel idea for her senior design project. Billed as the 1:1 Collection in furniture Lovasova decided to bring the dollhouse world up to scale. Many of us upon seeing a wonderful dollhouse wonder what it would be like to take up residence in the miniature world. Lovasova decided to do it...

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300th Dollhouse created for Kids Battling Cancer

“My daughter grew up in that dollhouse,” says a mother who lost her child to cancer. The dollhouse which was donated by Dollhouses for Kids Battling Cancer, allowed this child and her mother to play out events such as the daughter’s graduation from high school, her prom, her wedding and her children in the miniature walls of the dollhouse, events the daughter did not live to enjoy in real life.

Dollhouses for Kids Battling Cancer is a one woman effort started by Ann (who likes to remain anonymous) after hearing what children go through while...

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