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Create Personalized Soft Furnishings for Dollhouses

Toy companies and dollhouse manufacturers such as Melissa & Doug, Aztec, and others increasingly produce quality miniature furnishings for dollhouses. To really make a dollhouse special it can be rewarding and fun to create miniature items that personalize the house. Soft furnishings such as bedding, rugs, upholstered furniture, curtains or drapes, pillows, wall art, seat cushions, tablecloths, and towels are just a few of the items that can be created to customize dollhouses and add touches of realism. You can choose from simple projects that can be done with children to miniature works of art based on your skill level and determination.

If you have any sewing skills the world is yours in terms of the types of projects you can undertake to make a dollhouse stunning. Start simple with bedding coverlets from fabric pieces that is simply hemmed or straight unlined curtains that can be attached with miniature curtain rods or with Velcro. Rugs can be created from scrap pieces of upholstery fabric along with matching pillows or cushions. You can find instructions for sewing dollhouse curtains and other items on YouTube or there are some great books to get you started such as Dollhouse Furnishings for the Bedroom and Bath by Shep Stadtman.

Maybe you like to knit or to do embroidery or needlepoint. These craft skills can be used to make all sorts of unique items for a dollhouse from a needlepoint rug or wall hanging, to knitted bedding, afghans, or even fabric for upholstering furniture. For individuals who really want to create miniature masterpieces take a look at the book Dollhouse Décor: Creating Soft Furnishings in 1/12 scale by Nick and Esther Forder. This wonderful resource supplies pages and pages of inspiration for dollhouses in different styles including contemporary styles, Tudor, Georgian, Regency, Asian, Victorian, early 20th century, and Country looks. You will find detailed directions and information on different techniques that can be used.

For those of you who aren’t particularly crafty you may want to try some ideas for making soft dollhouse furnishings from upholstered pieces to bedding and cushions that are all no-sew projects. A great resource for ideas is the book Soft Furnishings for Dollhouses by Lael Combe Furgeson. The book includes information and directions for 215 projects.

The idea is to look at a dollhouse and make it as individual and interesting as your own home. A dollhouse provides a way for young budding designers to understand interior design on a small scale. Dollhouses are also a great way to try out new ideas in decorating that you may not want to try in your own living space. By creating your own personal soft furnishing touches you are adding to the value and interest of your dollhouse that will be a family heirloom for generations.

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