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People Sized Dollhouse Furniture

This is an instance where a love of dollhouses may have gone right over the edge. Slovakian artist Silva Lovasova, while working on her degree in Design at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava, came up with a novel idea for her senior design project. Billed as the 1:1 Collection in furniture Lovasova decided to bring the dollhouse world up to scale. Many of us upon seeing a wonderful dollhouse wonder what it would be like to take up residence in the miniature world. Lovasova decided to do it but create full size furniture based on dollhouse miniatures including all the imperfections that might be found in miniatures.

Using software that allows designers to scan and create designs in 3D, Lovasova scanned in miniature furniture of the type found in dollhouses for very young children – rounded edge mostly plastic furniture in bright hues. The whimsical soft looking furniture that she created as a result either resembles space age furniture or a dollhouse nightmare but it is also lots of fun. It is the imperfections when brought back to life size scale that give the former dollhouse items such an interesting look in 1:1 scale. According to Lovasova, “Furniture found in various dollhouses is inspired by real elements of an adult world. Deformations and disproportions often occur in miniature. By bringing back the miniature furniture to a human scale the circle seems to close.”

The miniature items that are part of the 1:1 collection include a porcelain tea set, an armchair, bookcase, a lamp and a sideboard. The full size tea set was recreated in porcelain while most of the large items were recreated in extruded polystyrene. According to Silva the concept came about through a desire to use digital technologies in a new way, one in which the natural character of the scanned items come through. She states that without the use of a 3D scanner and CNC tools it is impossible to make exact replicas of dollhouse furniture in full size. As the result of her project, Lovasova found that one can create something entirely new with new aesthetics through copying them in an exact way.

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