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For the Joy of Miniatures: Society of American Miniaturists

The Texas based Society of American Miniaturists (SAM) is a nonprofit organization with members all over the country who all share a love of miniatures. The organization is dedicated to educating the public about miniatures and to promoting miniatures as a hobby and as an art form. SAM was founded in 1982 in Dallas, Texas by miniature enthusiasts who decided they wanted to form an organization that had a primary mission to promote the love of miniatures. The founding members also wanted an organization that was member controlled. A logo featuring the world being held in a hand symbolizes the...

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Miniature Printables

If you are one of the millions who love miniatures and dollhouses you know that the hobby can be quite expensive. Quality furniture and handcrafted items are important if you are a collector or if you want sturdy items for your child’s dollhouse. However, there are some items that can be printed right from the Internet where you can save some money in decorating a dollhouse. Miniature printables are available for free for use as wallpaper in a dollhouse, miniature art, miniature boxes, rugs, trims, package and other items. If you are looking to create a paper dollhouse and furniture...

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The V & A Childhood Museum of Childhood In London

Baby House
The Museum of Childhood in London is part of the Victoria & Albert Museum. It is located in the Bethnal Green area of London, and originally was called the Bethnal Green Museum of London. William Gladstone is the first to recommend and lobby Parliament that a museum be built in Bethnal Green. 

It was not until Prince Albert advocated for the Museum that construction in began in 1868. Prince Albert formally opened opened the museum in June 1872. The museum contained marble floors in a fish scale pattern which were laid by female inmates of the Woking Gaol, and...

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Museo della Bambola di Angera: a Museum of Dollhouse

In Italy, on a hilltop overlooking the beautiful Lake Maggiore, is a museum in a medieval period building dedicated to dolls and dollhouses and toys. The Museo della Bambola di Angera presents a collection of dolls, toys and dollhouses from the Borromea family. The museum was founded in 1988 and the twelve rooms of the museum contain a priceless collection of antique dolls, miniature furniture, board games, table toys, and other childhood items.

The unique treasures from the Borromea family, make this museum one of the finest museum of dolls and miniatures in Europe. In this unique museum...

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The Stettheimer Dollhouse

The Stettheimer Dollhouse was created by Carrie Stettheimer (1869-1944), who was an important figure in the art world of New York during the 1900’s. Carrie along with her mother, and her sisters Ettie, and Florine Stettheimer were known for their famous salons held in their home for artists and writers that included Man Ray, Marcel Duchamp, and Carl Van Vechten. In Carrie’s time, it had become a popular pastime for women in society in both the United States and Europe to create dollhouses using well know artisans of the time to fashion both the house and the furnishings. Carrie spent...

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