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Printable Miniatures

If you or your children are into dollhouses and miniatures there is probably a wooden dollhouse or shadow box in your home. Less permanent dollhouses and miniatures can also be fun and can provide a creative experience for you and your family. The Internet now provides us with a variety of sites where you can find printable miniatures, dollhouses and dollhouse items. The printable miniatures can be used to create miniature villages, be used in model train layouts, added to an existing dollhouse or shadow box or make a fun collectible
 all by themselves. These printable miniatures bring back a nostalgic reminder of the dolls and miniatures that used to be provided by woman’s magazines for the children in the household.

A good way to find great printables is to look on Pinterest. Because Pinterest is graphic based it is a quick way to see the printables in a display and choose the ones that interest you. One good Pinterest collection is provided by Denise Ferrari where the focus is primarily on printable miniature books, and food items. The Pinterest collection also points to sites and you tube videos where you can get information on how to create your dollhouse books using printables.

My Small Obsession website also provides links to a variety of mini size printables located at Here you will find links to dollhouse furniture printies, miniature wine and liquor labels, printable dollhouse quilts that would look great as wall art, dollhouse flooring including marble, wood and area rugs, dollhouse calendar, kitchen appliances and a kiddie pool. The Dollhouse Decorating blogspot is a great place to find printable dollhouse wallpaper with small pattern designs.

Lesley Shepherd who writes a variety of articles on miniatures for offers a great list of sites on miniature printables on her About Miniatures website. Here you will find links to such treasures as a printable miniature toy circus based on an antique circus revolving toy and a toy theater, the originals which are on display at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, England.
Another site recommended by Shepherd is the Odissey Paper Models website where you will find both printable buildings, dollhouse furniture and accessories. There are a variety of free downloads including printables for parquet flooring, bedroom accessories including lamps and rugs, terracotta tiles, and small scale miniature buildings. Each product provides a difficulty scale, the number of parts and measurements.

Once you have made your decisions about what printables you want to attempt take time to check out an article called Tips for Making or Working With Dolls House Printables and Paper Miniatures also by Lesley Shepherd. Here you will find information on the different file types available for printables, recommendations for the best paper to use for your projects, construction tips and the best way to paint your finished miniatures. Using free printables to create miniature items can be a fun and creative undertaking for you and your family.

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