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Alessio Miniatures

Alessio Miniatures out of Huntington Station, New York create unique dollhouses, room boxes, and dollhouse materials. The owner Scott Alessio was an early entrepreneur and started his business at the age of thirteen and has been busy with it ever since. The Magical Dollhouse is proud to add Scott’s unique dollhouses kits to their extensive product line.

The Alessio Miniature dollhouse kits are unique historical representations of buildings that you don’t often see as miniatures. One of the new dollhouses available at The Magical Dollhouse is the New Yorker Dollhouse kit which is a miniature replica of early New York tenement buildings from the 1850’s. The tenement buildings of New York were home to many of the early immigrants from Europe and elsewhere. Many of these tenement buildings particularly on the lower East Side of New York started out as warehouses and then with the influx of immigrants the buildings were turned into substandard housing. As many people as possible were packed into these tenement buildings. In 1865 there were more than 500,000 people living in New York tenements with many of them living in rooms without any outside light. The Alessio miniature New Yorker Dollhouse kit lets you create a piece of history that was like the first home of many of Americans forbearers. A simpler and economical version of the New Yorker Dollhouse is available as the Tenement Dollhouse Kit which comes unbricked and unpainted for the do it yourselfer.

The Brielle’s Cottage Dollhouse kit is another unique miniature dollhouse fashioned on the style of early cottages. This type of architecture was found across England and was also popular in New England in the United States. Clapboard siding was originally made with long pieces of timber that would overlap each other either horizontally or vertically. The Brielle’s Cottage Dollhouse kit from Alessio Miniatures includes working windows, shutters and dormers.

All the miniature products from Alessio Miniatures are made in the United States and feature custom detailing. The company also makes dollhouse roofing, flooring, windows, doors, brick siding materials for dollhouses.

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