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A Miniature Paper Castle in the Middle of the Ocean

In Japan, the Tokyo Bay Highway connects the city of Kawasaki to the city of Kisarazu. The highway is part bridge and part tunnel and the fourth longest underwater tunnel in the world. Where the bridge meets the tunnel there is an artificial island known as Umihotaru which is sort of mini mall with shops, galleries and restaurants. On Kisarazu is an installation of an amazing miniature castle created all in paper. Similar to the art of origami but on a whole new level is the exhibition called Umi no Ue no Oshiro or ‘A Castle on the Ocean’.

The work was created by art student Wataru Itou who spent four years creating this paper masterpiece. Artfully lighted and combined with a miniature train which runs around the installation, the creation is a true wonder to behold.

The paper fairy castle is elegant and as detailed as any miniature ever made. The work involved both paper folding and cutting in an artful design. The addition of the train and the mood lighting add a whole new dimension to the artistic piece.

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