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Great Dollhouse Books for Kids

It is the holiday season and books about dollhouses make great gifts for children. If you are giving a dollhouse to a special child add a children’s book about dollhouses as an added treat. There are great fictional story books for kids about dollhouses that are fictional stories on dollhouses in addition to books on the history of dollhouses, how to books on creating dollhouse furniture or for decorating the dollhouse of their dreams.
You can also find dollhouse books for children on particular architectural styles – why not think about giving a book on Victorian dollhouses with your gift of that style dollhouse or a Victorian style miniature? Here for your perusal are some wonderful classics and new fiction with stories about dollhouses that your children or grandchildren are sure to remember.

A fairly new entry into dollhouse fiction is A Christmas Dollhouse by Richard Rudnicki who also illustrated the book. Published in 2012 by Nimbus Publishing the book is a story of a young girl named Dot who lived during the Great Depression. The family is struggling financially and Dot’s mother is very ill. It is Christmas time and there is no money for presents but Dot has her eye on a special dollhouse in the window of the town’s drugstore that will be given away in a contest. A testament to the strength of the human spirit A Christmas Dollhouse is a wonderful story for children. The book is aimed at children in the preschool years.

Another delightful children’s book is entitled the Dollhouse Fairy by Jane Ray. Published
in paperback and hardcover by Candlewick Press the book provides readers with the story of a fairy who comes to visit with Rosy and takes up house in her dollhouse. It seems the fairy’s wings have become injured and the dollhouse is the perfect place for small mischievous fairy to rest up. The book is perfect for children in grades 1-2.

Rumer Godden’s The Doll’s House with incredible illustrations by the famous dollhouse lover Tasha Tudor (check out Tasha Tudor’s Dollhouse: A Lifetime in Miniature) is a book many adults will remember from reading it in school. Not a book for young children as the classic book has a tragic ending, the tail of the doll Tottie, a gift from Aunt Laura to her nieces Emily and Charlotte will enthrall older children. The story tells of the entry of Marchpane, an
 evil china doll, who arrives in the dollhouse and threatens the entire dollhouse family. It is a wonderful story for children ten and up and adults will enjoy it too. The book was originally published in 1948 and has been republished many times and also produced as an animated series.

As a gift suggestion think about pairing the book the Dollhouse Fairy with one of the dollhouses from Le Toy Van – perfect home for a dollhouse fairy.

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