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Get Creative: Create Your Own Miniature Shadow Box Out of Household Items

Green is in these days and miniaturists can get in on the recycling movement by using household items as a home for miniature displays. The sky is the limit with this type of project. Any household item that has an opening or an opening can be created could work. For example, a watering can either plastic or metal can be a wonderful shadow box. Take your theme for the miniature display from the container you use. For a watering can or flower pot shadow box make a miniature gardening display with botanical items such as plants, flowers, miniature pots, and miniature gardening tools. A hat box can become a milliners shop and a cooking pot can become a large kitchen display.

Coffee pots, metal tea pots, pans, wicker baskets, buckets, lunch boxes, picnic baskets, file boxes, hat boxes, cardboard boxes; a small section of a tree trunk can all become wondrous miniature vignettes. For these types of projects you will need some tools such cutting tools such as a good craft knife or hacksaw to cut metal if you choose a metal box or item like a watering can. If using an item such as a metal teapot you can make the cutting the opening easier if you drill holes around where you want the opening before using a hacksaw to make the final cut. For safety’s sake always sand items where you made the opening and to hide the cut you can use braid or other trims to glue around the opening.

Interior walls can be painted or wallpapered depending on the type of item you choose. MDF can be cut and added to create walls for items that would be difficult to use as walls such as baskets. You may also want to add wood as a base to the item to make it sturdy. Shelves can also be added to the walls to create height and to create a place to put small items for display.

To get started just start looking around your house to see what might work for a miniature vignette. Get as imaginative as you can. Using items you would usually be throwing away such as a large can or box makes the project even more fun.

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