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Books for Both Experienced and Beginner Miniaturists

There are so many wonderful books on the market about miniatures and dollhouses. There are fascinating books on the history of dollhouses, books on famous dollhouses around the world, books on the creators of famous dollhouses, beginner books on creating and decorating dollhouses in different period styles and books on how to make your own dollhouses using household items.

A favorite is The Dollhouse Decorator by Vivienne Boulton. This book is a how to book for miniaturists who want to create some of their own dollhouse furnishings or dollhouse dolls. You will find complete instructions with lots of photos on how to work with wood, clay, fabric, paint and accessories to create furniture for kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms and living rooms in Victorian, Colonial, and Modern styles. This book is a great resource.

Another very interesting book on miniatures is the Thirties and Forties Miniatures in
1:12 Scale by Jane Harrop. If you have a dollhouse and love the period of the 1930’s and 1940’s this book could be invaluable. In the book you will find information on how to create different furniture and accessories from the period. Even if you don’t want to make your own miniatures this is a great resource for finding out what a room from this period should look like.

For novices and beginners in dollhouse creation Jean Nisbett’s book called A
Beginners’ Guide to the Dolls House Hobby could end up being your dollhouse go to book. This book provides information on choosing a dollhouse, making a dollhouse from a kit, how to pick a dollhouse style, and how to choose furniture, make some of your own and how to finish the inside of a dollhouse. It includes information on finishes, detailing, gardens and even how to renovate an older dollhouse.

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