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Miniatures in Poland: Pobiedziska Miniature Open Air Museum

In the only museum of its kind in Poland, the Pobidedziska Miniature Open Air
Museum is a sort of miniature garden park located in the region of Wielkopolska. The open air museum provides visitors with interesting miniature replicas of buildings of note that are located on the Piast Route. The miniatures include a palace in Rogalin, the Mouse Tower, Wenecja castle ruins, churches, a wind mill in Moraczewo, a farm, Koszuty Manor House, Ostrow Lednicki Palladium, palace in Antonin, cathedrals, Pozna Opera, Pobiedziska Old Market, Pozna Crosses, Pozna Old Market and the Psalteries.

To preserve the miniatures in their outdoor location, the miniatures are constructed of aluminum
framework with some of the original materials from the full size buildings and a mixture of plastic and chemical materials. The scale of the buildings is 1:20 – about the size of play dollhouses. The museum which first opened in May of 1998 was created to celebrate the anniversary of the founding of Pobiedziska. The creators hope visitors get an understanding of how the city was first settled, its history and current development and the establishment of Polish statehood.

A former mayor of Pobidedziska, Krzysztof Wojdanowicz, is credited with coming up
with the idea of the miniature open air museum. He had visited the Madurodam in the Netherlands which is another interactive miniature park and became fascinated with miniatures. The museum is located on the Pozna Route between Pobidedziska and Gniezno in the valley of the Gowna River on what was previously an old gravel pit. The museum is open every day but Monday including holidays.

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