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Miniatures Museum of Taiwan: First Miniatures Museum in Asia to Specialize in Contemporary Miniatures

Lin Wen-ren and his wife fell in love with dollhouses and the world of miniatures as they traveled in different countries. They bought dollhouse kits and started collecting miniature accessories and furniture on their travels. They even joined international miniature art associations. The outcome of this interest in miniatures is the Miniatures Museum of Taiwan which the couple opened on March 28, 1997. The museum is the first museum in Asia to specialize and collect contemporary miniatures.

The collection includes the famous Rose Mansion which was built by Dr. Reginald Twigg in the United States. The dollhouse took Dr. Twigg almost four years to complete. The Miniatures Museum of Taiwan includes both dollhouses and shadow or room boxes. Almost all of the miniature items are from Europe or the United States. Also on display are miniature replicas of famous European building and architecture, and small dolls. There are approximately 200 pieces in the collection which also includes miniature art pieces. Most of the miniatures including the dollhouses are in the 1:12 ratio. 

The small private museum located in the Zhongshan District of Taipei City is a labor of love for Lin Wen-ren and his wife. 


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