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Classic Modern Comes to Dollhouses

Victorian and Manor style homes remain the most popular architectural design in
dollhouses and will probably continue to be, but there is a new interest in dollhouses that have a classic modern or ultra modern look. It should not be a surprise that dollhouse styles follow the main design and architectural interests for real homes and interiors. Classic modern looks from the 1950’s and 1960’s including the streamlined Danish modern and design that reflected the 1960’s interest in space flight is what is selling and hot in current design. There is also a growing interest in environmentally green design in both architecture and interior design. These interests are now finding their way into the world of miniatures.

This is not the first time that modern design elements have been recreated in miniature. You can find vintage ranch style and midcentury modern dollhouses if you look but the main focus in dollhouse design has remained the picturesque and charming Victorians.

The new revival in midcentury modern design for miniatures is growing and looks to be enduring. Vibrant colors, light wood, sleek design, LED lighting, Scandinavian and Danish looking architecture is what is hot in miniatures. As the younger generation decorates their homes and apartments with a modern look they want dollhouses for their children to reflect their style and design interests. Baby boomers are also looking to recreate the style of homes and furniture they grew up with with nostalgic dollhouses in a ranch or classic modern design. Even the New York Times has run an article on how modern design is coming to the world of miniatures. There is now a term for dollhouse lovers of midcentury design. These groups of modern enthusiasts are now known as “mini-modernists”. Psychologists say this revived interest in modern design could stem partially from a desire for simple and uncluttered as our lives become more difficult and complicated. Whatever the reason, the modern look is now in for dollhouses.

To get in on the modern look you might want to start small by decorating a shadow
 box. A simple box design is perfect for creating the midcentury look. Think primary colors, light wood, simple clean lines, and sleek in overall appearance. A good place to start for ideas is a book called “Scandinavian Design in the Doll’s House” by Yvette Wadsted and Ulf Beckman. There are lots of photos of classic modern miniature furniture and accessories. You also might want to check out a blog which provides all kinds of ideas on creating dollhouse furnishings and accessories in the classic modern style.

Check out the Magical Dollhouse’s modern style dollhouses including the Contemporary Ranch dollhouse.

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