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Dollhouse 31" Gazebo Wraparound Porch Kit(Left or Right)

Dollhouse 31" Gazebo Wraparound Porch Kit(Left or Right)

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Create a generously sized outdoor living space with this beautiful Gazebo 31 Wraparound Porch Kit. This versatile porch has been designed to be used on either the right or left side and features an 9&1/4 floor to ceiling height and engineered precut parts. Instructions included.


Introducing the new 1 inch scale Dollhouse Gazebo Wraparound Porch Kit. This kit features lower and upper rails on the porch for a very unique detailed look. Or you could customize and add gingerbread or a different fancy trim. In addition, this Gazebo porch kit can be built to go around the left or right of your dollhouse when looking from the front. This unfinished Gazebo Wraparound Porch kit works with our New England Collection dollhouse kits, The Jamestown, The Foxcroft Estate, Oak Hollow, Charlotte's Manor and Stockbridge House. You could also customize the porch kit and buy taller porch posts like our RGT6A-4pk Fancy Turnposts which are 9 7/16" tall, to adapt to other dollhouse kits.

The Gazebo Wraparound Dollhouse Porch Kit Classic Features Include:

  • Complete Kit includes everything you need to finish as shown*
  • Precision Workmanship - engineered parts pre-cut to really work**
  • Fancy Turned Porch Posts
  • Lower and Upper Porch rails require assembly
  • 1 1/4 inch foundation height
  • 9 1/4 inch floor to ceiling height
  • Wooden shingles for the roof
  • Step-by-step instructions with detailed drawings
  • This porch works with any rear open 1600 Series dollhouse in the New England Collection 
  • The Dollhouse Gazebo Wraparound Porch overall measurements are 40 1/2"W x 25 3/8"D x 16 3/4"H: inside dimensions are 30 7/8"W x 15 7/8"D x 9 1/4"H and the porch floor itself is 4 7/8"D from the inside of the porch post

* Paint, glue, curtains and any landscaping or furnishings are not included.
** Gingerbread (if used) and Trim Strips are supplied in easy to cut lengths.

All dimensions listed on this website indicate the overall dimensions of each dollhouse including items that protrude, such as porches and roof cresting.

Our product is recommended for adult hobbyist and children ages 13 and up.

    This kit does not include:
    • Furniture, accessories, glue, paint, tools or landscaping.
    Recommended Supplies (not included with kit):
    Hammer, Fine Toothed Saw, Glues, Utility Knife, Masking Tape, Sandpaper: 100 and 320 grit, Paints, Paint Brushes, Ruler, 3/4" or 1" Brads

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