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A Primer on Wooden Dollhouses

The most popular type of dollhouses for both collectors and children are dollhouses made out of wood.  tend to be sturdier, last longer and allow individuals the most options in terms of being able to customize a dollhouse.

One of the first factors you want to consider when purchasing a wooden dollhouse is scale. The most popular scale in dollhouses is the 1:12 ratio or 1” equals 1 foot. If you are looking to customize the dollhouse or want the most options in finding miniature furniture and other dollhouse items, then it would be wise to choose a dollhouse with the 1:12 scale. However if you are looking for a wooden dollhouse for a younger child then think about the larger play scale dollhouses as an option. These dollhouses are sturdy and meant to take hours of play from active children, and they work with the larger fashion model dolls.

The next item to consider is the type of wooden dollhouse kit that will work for you. Wooden dollhouse kits come with a variety of construction options. Kits range from very easy to construct to ones that will require some work and dedication to complete. There are wooden dollhouses that come completely finished and there are some that require minimal construction. If you are more interested in decorating and displaying your dollhouse right away then go with the easier options. The Magical Dollhouse has totally handmade wooden dollhouses made with love that are available totally finished complete with paint, flooring and wall décor.

However, if you are more interested in experiencing the fun of making a dollhouse your own by constructing it yourself then there are lots of options for you with all the architectural detailing that make a dollhouse special. One of the most popular types of wooden dollhouse kits are called die cut which means that a thin `/8 – ¼” piece of plywood has been scored with the different shapes needed for the dollhouse. Each shape has tabs and slots so that the house can be fairly quickly constructed using glue to hold the pieces. This type of wooden dollhouse is best for collectors and for older children who will play with the dollhouse carefully. Most die cut dollhouses require some sanding of the pieces as they may not be perfectly smooth.

Another type of wooden dollhouse is known in the industry as a glue and nail kit. These types of dollhouses are usually a little sturdier and made from cabinet grade wood with a 3/8” thickness. If you are going to let your older child play with the dollhouse, the heavier wood will make the dollhouses stronger. These types of dollhouses are perfect for customization by individuals with a little bit of carpentry or woodworking experience. Using a wooden dollhouse kit as the groundwork for the dollhouse, you can add different window, doors, porches, gardens, staircases, and other miniature architectural elements. Some glue and nail kits are fairly easy while others require some woodworking knowledge so they do not make good beginner projects. Always check the specification sections of the dollhouses to see what type of construction and materials the dollhouse is made of and to find out the difficulty level for construction. If you have any questions about which dollhouse will work for you contact customer service at The Magical Dollhouse and they will be happy to assist you.

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