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New Venues for Dollhouse Enthusiasts

Before social media and the Internet it was a rare occurrence for an individual collector of miniatures to be able to share their collection with the public. Doll house exhibits might be held at a local library during the holidays or at a miniature club event. Now with the popularity of social media and sites like Pinterest, Squidoo and Facebook, doll house lovers can share their collections with the world right from their own home.

You can find videos on YouTube that show people putting a doll house together, or videos where individuals display a variety of craft activities for creating small accessories. Many of the videos are quite sophisticated with excellent camera work and music. One of my favorites is simply called “Dollhouse Video” by Anne Marie Kwikkel featuring a house that I would like to move into immediately. The video shows the interior and exterior of what appears to be a two story English Manor House complete with a lounge, grandpa’s room, electric lights, trey ceilings, Tiffany style lamps, a large kitchen with breakfast on the table, elegant mahogany furniture, and every amenity anyone could want.

Other collectors use Pinterest to display dollhouses they are working on or just dollhouses they liked or have seen in museums. On Diane Leyh’s Pinterest page, she provides a variety of different dollhouses to look at including current projects, pictures of antique and vintage dollhouses, a dollhouse on the beach and other dollhouses that have piqued her interest. Now we can admire them too.

On Squidoo, Sarah Boirin, shares her large collection with intriguing shots of the exteriors and interiors of the houses and historical information on the manufacturers and models of her dollhouses. Some of her earliest collection’s are by Tri-angs or Lines Brothers Limited. Some of the dollhouses are complete and some are works in progress. Her dollhouses also display some wonderful examples of vintage miniatures and dollhouse furniture from the 1930’s and 1940’s.

Now collectors of dollhouses and miniatures, children and adults can invite the public to share their enthusiasm for everything small. We can share the fun and sometimes difficulties in building a dollhouse, read about the family histories as dollhouses are passed down from family to family and peek inside treasures that were once just seen by family and guests. It is a whole new world for those of us who love dollhouses with so much to learn and so much to share.

Check out the Magical Dollhouse Pinterest page at  where we showcase unusual dollhouses, dollhouse museums, and new products.

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