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New Finished Dollhouses Offer Convenience and Custom Style

For those that don't have the time, energy or ambition to build a dollhouse from a kit, nothing beats the convenience of a finished dollhouse. The drawback of course is the inability to choose your finishes. We're pleased to announce the availability of new finished dollhouses that offer the best of both worlds. These four new homes arrive at your doorstep fully assembled. Best of all, you can have your choice of interior and exterior paint colors to make it every bit the home of you dreams.

Each of these homes are made from Real Good Toys dollhouse kits and assembled and finished by our expert builders to your satisfaction. Dollhouse assembly service is also available for many of the dollhouse kits. Contact us for a quote for any other home on the site. 


Alison Jr. Finished Dollhouse


Montpelier Finished Dollhouse


Simplicity Finished Dollhouse


Victorian Cottage Jr. Finished Dollhouse

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