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Dust Dollhouses & Art

Dollhouses and miniatures have long been seen as a form of art and miniature architecture. Since dollhouses were first made, leading artisans have been involved in their creation with many dollhouses taking their rightful place in leading museums around the world. The creativity and artistic designs that go into miniatures and dollhouses continue to amaze and provide a wonderful outlet for both children and adult artistic endeavors. But a dollhouse covered in dust and dirt as a form of art – that takes a little getting used to. Maria Adelaida Lopez, who cleaned houses as a way to

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The Astolat Dollhouse: A labor of love

The Astolat Castle dollhouse is a modern recreation of a palatial castle which took more than thirteen years to complete. This miniature masterpiece was the handiwork of Elaine Diehl, a well known miniaturist who resides in Colorado. The castle dollhouse is nowastolat5 owned by Dr. Michael Freeman and his wife Lois Freeman who have loaned the resplendent miniature to the Nassau County Museum of Art at the Tee Ridder Miniatures Museum where it was on display from 2005 until recently. It is unclear where the dollhouse is on view currently but miniature lovers can see the dollhouse at...

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New Venues for Dollhouse Enthusiasts

Before social media and the Internet it was a rare occurrence for an individual collector of miniatures to be able to share their collection with the public. Doll house exhibits might be held at a local library during the holidays or at a miniature club event. Now with the popularity of social media and sites like Pinterest, Squidoo and Facebook, doll house lovers can share their collections with the world right from their own home.

You can find videos on YouTube that show people putting a doll house together, or videos where individuals display a variety of craft activities for...

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Miniatures at the Library

Libraries are a source for reading and listening material and they often hold community events and offer temporary exhibits of art and other media. Most public libraries do not have a permanent exhibit of dollhouses or miniatures. The Mountain Lakes Library in Mountain Lakes, New Jersey is the exception. This fairly small library is the permanent home of the Craven Miniature Rooms which were created by the late Edgar Craven.

The Craven Miniature Rooms are made up of six shadow boxes with miniature displays that Edgar Craven created and designed in 1940. All of the miniature items are scaled to...

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Private Dollhouse Museum to View Online

In Essex, England there is a private dollhouse museum created by Katharina Gerstorfer which contains more than 50 antique dollhouses and 150 dolls. Known as the Puppenhaus Museum it is only open by appointment. At some point in the future the plans are to make the museum open to the public but until then you can visit the museum’s collection virtually on the online website. At the museum website you will find more than 1500 images online with descriptions of each dollhouse and doll and stories of the lives of the dollhouse family in each home created by Katharina Gerstorfer...

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