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The love of miniatures and dollhouses is an interest that has universal appeal. In almost every city in the world there are miniaturist and dollhouse clubs for adults. There is just something so appealing to see miniature versions of everyday items. For a collector or miniature enthusiast dollhouses and miniatures are a way to preserve history, use artistic talents and lose themselves in the world of miniatures and take time for themselves.

Children have always loved miniatures. Dollhouses, miniature stables, firehouses, train sets, farms and other mini items let children use their imagination in creative play. Dollhouses and other miniatures allow children to try out different roles and play out story lines that let them imagine being a mother or a father or a fire fighter or a doctor. Playing with dollhouses can also lead to an interest in art or interior design as children reconfigure the placement of furniture and accessories. Childhood experts all agree, dollhouses and miniatures are some of the best toys for children in terms of learning, increasing motor skills and developing social skills.

The Magical Dollhouse has dollhouses and miniatures for collectors, miniaturists, girls and boys. There are dollhouses and dollhouse kits in the traditional dollhouse styles of Tudor,  Colonial, Cottage, Log Cabin, Farm House, and the always popular Victorian home. In addition there are also more contemporary dollhouses for the growing number of dollhouse enthusiasts interested in more modern homes.

For young children there are play dollhouses that accommodate the larger fashion dolls like Barbie up to 12 inches in height such as the Barbie Scale Estate Dollhouse Kit, and the KidKraft Designer Dollhouse. Children of both genders will love playing with miniature sets such as the Fire Station, and the Ride Around Train Set.

No matter what kind of dollhouse you are looking for the Magical Dollhouse is sure to have a dollhouse that will work as your child’s or your dream house. If you need help in choosing the best dollhouse for your child in terms of their age appropriateness feel free to contact us at the Magical Dollhouse and we will be happy to help. Looking for just the right collector’s dollhouse? We can help you with that too including providing information on which kit or type of completed dollhouse would work best for you.