Dollhouse Furniture

Dollhouse furniture

At we have the dollhouse furniture you have been looking for. Whether you are in the market for individual works of art, a room full of exquisite treasures, furniture sturdy and safe enough for a preschooler, or enough furniture to fill a dollhouse, we have you covered.

Miniature treasures

Are you a serious collector that needs that special piece of miniature furniture to add to your dollhouse or miniature collection? We have those special miniature treasures. For a focal point in your dollhouse living room or library, picture the elegant fireplace in the Gentleman’s Library Furniture Set from Reutters Porcelain, set off by the matching easy chair and small bar. Or contemplate the fully loaded down Seafood Work Table, also from Reutter which will create an ambience of warmth for any dollhouse kitchen.

Miniatures for the young

The Wooden Block Play Furniture Set  is one of the furniture sets that will work for small children. This set is well constructed solid and sturdy enough to be perfect for little hands. The set is enough to fill a dollhouse, and the items can be painted if desired.

Every room, every price range, every style 

Whether you are looking to fill a miniature room, or every room in a dollhouse, you will find the dollhouse furniture you need. There is furniture in every price range and for every room, from the kitchen, to the dining room, the living, bedroom, library, nursery, bathroom, and even the patio. We also have miniatures in a variety of furniture styles including, rustic, traditional, contemporary, Victorian, Queen Anne and romantic. In addition, there are dollhouse furniture kits that allow you to be creative, and save money while having fun.

Scale of furniture

We carry miniature furniture in several different sizes, but most of the furniture we sell is scaled to the traditional 1:12 ratio. We do have a variety of miniature furniture items in the ½” scale including the Mahogany Bedroom set and the Double Bedroom Set.

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Bar Harbor Chair/ Rocker/Couch
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Bar Harbor Chair/ Rocker/Couch
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