The Colonial Dollhouse was influenced by the design of a true colonial house from the 1700s. It is an adaptation of the British “Cotswold” or “Free holder's cottage”.  The Cotswold was designed with an open fire pit, in which the smoke went outside a thatched style roof.  Colonial houses serve their owners well because they could keep them away from smoke yet experience warmth from the fire. This 1/3 and 2/3 division of the house was still reflected in early colonial layouts showing up as offset front doors and non-symmetrical first floor layouts.

A typical colonial house would have been 1-1/2 or 2-storeys tall with narrow front-to-back features to let in light from the windows. The roof pitch would be around 45 degrees with narrow eavestroughs to shed snow. One key feature of the Colonial dollhouse is its small pane double hung simple windows with wooden shutters.

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Willow Dollhouse Kit
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Willow Dollhouse Kit
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